Why you should use a Newsletter.


Thanks to Instagram, it has become possible to show your work to the entire world.

But now, it’s no longer a secret, with its new algorithm, your followers don’t necessarily see your posts.

Depending on the number of followers, but especially the engagement created by your posts (number of people who comment), the visibility (of the post) will be increased or decreased. It’s the same on Facebook.

The reason is simple, these companies want you to pay for more visibility.

A good way to overcome this problem is to use a newsletter to alert your followers and clients about your latest news.

Another good reason to use a newsletter is to retain access to your followers/supporters/clients! These companies could spontaneously shut down and disappear, decide to further limit the visibility of your posts, or become paid services. With our platform, you will no longer be at their mercy.

You will have your clients’ emails and you will be able to communicate with them without having to use Facebook or Instagram.

You can send your available flashs, announce the opening of your bookings, give your last minute availability, your holidays, your latest t-shirts …

I personally have a list of 1500 subscribed to my newsletter who receive updates from me before I post it to Instagram.

I also feel that the people who signed up for my newsletter are more serious in their approach to tattooing and getting tattooed.

When I posted my available flash on Instagram, I ended up having to respond to several interested people and who would, most times, not end up booking the appointment. With my newsletter, I’ve never had a no-show or a last-minute cancellation.

Which platform to choose for your newsletter?

Mailchimp is one of the best known and what we like about them is that you pay nothing until you hit 2000 subscribers and you can send 6 newsletters per month

(which is huge… I advise you not to spam your customers!)