404: Not Found

What is it?

What is a 404 error and why is it appearing on your website?

A 404 error means that the page does not exist. 

Don’t panic, it just means that you haven’t completely created the page yet!

The most common error is when an artist creates their Online Flashbook with Bookme.ink and puts it online before creating the “Flash Gallery” page.

The result is that your designs appear on the home page in the “Highlights” section, but when you click on “View All Flash” the 404 error appears.

Fix: Create your “Flash gallery” page and everything should sort itself out. 

To create your pages, go to the tab “Pages” and fill out the information for each one of them.

You can add your banners later. 

The “Terms and Conditions” page must also be filled out as it is required that your clientele reads this before booking with you.

It is a very important page as you will include all the info you deem important – this protects you from miscommunications with your clients.

To know how to best fill this page out, consult our article on the subject!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!