We have the same struggles

For artists, by artists

We created Bookme.ink to minimize the stress caused by the tattoo booking process.

Emailing back and forth, double-booking, asking for a deposit innumerous times, unanswered emails...

Can you relate?
We know that these feelings can affect our mental health and hurt our passion.

Good news, you are not alone. We're here to help!

With Bookme.ink, you will be able to create your online flashbook and have your deposits sent directly to your bank account.
Your appointments will automatically be linked and appear in your Google Calendar as soon the deposit is paid!

You now have more time to draw, tattoo and have a social life!
Isn't it awesome?

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We've got your back.

Bookme.ink was created in Montreal by tattoo artist Muriel de Mai and was originally intended for artists at her studio, Minuit Dix Tattoo.

Motivated by the enthusiasm the idea had generated, she finally decided to share it with the rest of the tattoo community.

"We wanted to create a simple tool that is easy to manage because many artists are affected by anxiety when it comes to booking appointments. The goal of Bookme.Ink is to lighten this aspect of our work and allow us to have more free time!"

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