Terms and Conditions

What information to include in your terms and conditions?

It is important to fill out your Terms and Conditions page as this is important information that your client will need to know before making an appointment with you.

(On the description page of the flash, above the “Book Now” button, there is a blurb suggesting that your client consult the “Terms and Conditions” page prior to making an appointment).

This page also allows you to protect yourself against any misunderstandings with your clients, especially regarding the minimum age and the accepted payment methods.

Here is some important information that your customers should know:

About the appointment:
– What to expect during the session
– Does the person need to shave before the session?
– How cancelations are handled

About the design:
– If your design will be tattooed as is or if modifications are permitted?
– What happens if the person changes their mind?
– If you are going to show the design or modifications before the day of the tattoo?
– If you don’t tattoo certain parts of the body…

About the deposit:
– Is the deposit refundable and/or transferable to another person?
– Is the deposit deducted from the price of the tattoo?
– If more than one session, when is the deposit deducted from the tattoo?

*It is also important to note that service fees are collected by the Bookme.ink application and are non-refundable, even if you refund your customer.

You can also talk about how things work at the studio:
– Specific information about the location or operation of the studio
– Can your clients bring friends with them?
– The different methods of payment accepted

it is also important to inform your clients of your new protocols (i.e. those that are a result of the current pandemic), here are some ideas:
– Wearing a mask is mandatory
– Does the person have to come with their mask or do you provide them?
– Hand washing on arrival at the studio
– Don’t touch anything, keep your distance

It is normal that some people ask their tattooist a lot of questions. Oftentimes, the same questions come up again and again, which is why it’s important to spend some time filling out your Terms and Conditions. The idea is to avoid exchanging too many emails.

Even if making an appointment is more fluid with Bookme.ink, don’t forget to let your clients know that you are available if they have more questions or concerns!

Feel free to contact us if you have any question 🙂