How to reduce your email load?


With the democratization of tattooing, special thanks to social networks like Instagram, the demand for tattoos has become more and more difficult to manage.

For some people, the customer service aspect is torture and the number of emails that must be exchanged before finally arriving to a confirmed appointment, is super stressful.

How to not get overwhelmed by all the questions from our clients?

The first thing to do is to stay calm. I personally use several tools that allow me to answer questions before they are asked.

Here are some ideas that will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

– Pay someone to answer your emails.

You might have a friend who is looking for a job at the moment to make ends meet. Why not work together?

Whether you’re booked for a month or over a year, it’s a good way to avoid pulling your hair out in front of your computer.

Personally, that’s what I do. It was intense at first because the person had to understand how I operate, and I am not the most pedagogical person.

But, after several months of working together, she can easily answer 90% of my emails without consulting me and book my appointments.

My stress and anxiety went down a lot and I now spend more time on my drawings.

– Use auto-replies

The most frequent email you get when you are a tattooist looks like :

“Hello! I love your work, how can I get an appointment?”

This is where the automatic reply comes in real handy and will save you from endless email exchanges.

Here is an example of an auto-reply I use with Gmail:

Hello, this is an automatic reply.

If you could please answer the following questions about your tattoo project:

Your precise idea:

The location:


Your general availability, days and times:

Your budget:

If you have other questions, please group them in 1 email.

You will get an answer in the next few days. Thank you!

So then the person sends an email with all the information and, in most cases, this will avoid long email exchanges. Also, your client is aware that you will only answer in a few days and will not follow up right away.

– Using Instagram to share information with your clients.

Many tattoo artists use Instagram to explain how to book appointments with them.

If your clients come from this platform, the typical solution is to use stories, or even better, the highlights.

You can inform everyone about the opening of your booking and the different steps to go through in order to get an appointment.

– Have a website

I have a website with all the information about my booking, my work address, my schedule, my price range, the price of the deposit that is asked for and why I ask for a deposit.

I also have a “Frequently Asked Questions” section which groups together the questions I am asked most often: do I ever make custom tattoos, do I tattoo the same design several times, what is the aftercare following the tattoo, if the person can come accompanied… etc.

Interested people can visit my site! (Web address is visible in the bio section of my Instagram.)

What is really cool is that the most anxious people are the ones who often ask the most questions and are also the ones who will consult my website to have the maximum amount of information to reassure themselves.

– Use Book Me.Ink!

If you tattoo mainly flash, Book Me.Ink will allow you to book them effortlessly.

Once you have configured your space and uploaded your designs, your customers will be able to choose a flash, choose the date of the appointment and send the deposit directly to confirm. This is great for customers who may be too shy to send an e-mail or DM!

With the complete customization of your agenda, you can rest easy and let your schedule fill up on its own.

Follow these different techniques and you will regain control of your Inbox and your free time!

Spend more time drawing, tattooing, seeing your friends, gardening … your social life will love it 🙂