Why Bookme.ink?


I’ve always had trouble getting to all my emails and organizing my bookings. In the span of a day, I rarely see the time fly and I can’t seem to get into the habit of setting aside an hour each morning to reply to emails. This is also because replying to one email will often lead to many more emails..

A study has shown that not responding to your messages can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

It’s really difficult to manage the expectations of our clients, they are many and we are only one person.

Tattooing has a huge emotional burden on people and that’s a normal thing. Our clients give us the « power » to mark them for life. There are a lot of common questions, and taking the time to answer them is an important part of the job, especially if you do “custom tattoos”.

That said, now, many of us offer “flash tattoos”, these are designs that we draw from our inspiration and that we would like to tattoo “as is”.

Thanks to the democratization of tattooing and the visibility of our work on social media, networking apps and other platforms, many of our customers choose flash, much to our delight!

Booking a flash always requires the same actions: show the designs, establish a date, request a deposit.

If showing your designs has become child’s play with Instagram, for example, finding an appointment date and getting the deposit can be tedious.

People are not always very clear about their availability, it often takes several emails before finding a date that works for everyone.

You must then request the deposit to confirm the appointment, which leads to other potential emails. Not to forget the reminders …

It was time to create tools adapted to the reality of our work.

The tattoo world is moving forward and changing fast. We need to keep moving forward with it by automating our process as much as possible. There is often no barrier between our personal life and our life as a tattoo artist, burnout is not uncommon.

Originally, I aimed to create this platform for myself, but when I opened my tattoo studio, Minuit Dix Tattoo, the other artists asked me to make this platform for the studio. Everyone thought the idea was great and wanted to use it.

Then, when I met with guest artists that came to the studio, many of who came from different countries, I realized they had the same organizational problems with emails as we did, sometimes also even leading to depression and anxiety.

The enthusiasm generated by the idea of ​​this platform was such that I decided to make it accessible to everyone.

If it can help us, one way or another, to do our job with less stress and anxiety, then our mission will be accomplished!