6 goods reasons to have your website.


A website allows you to focus all your news in one place. 

If you do tattoo conventions, guest spots, exhibitions, events, flash days, fundraisers for a good cause, etc… Then you probably already post it on your social networks and it’s perfect like that. 

But all this information can quickly get lost among other posts and/or photos of tattoos. They are difficult to find for someone who missed the post/story or who does not appear in the percentage of followers who get to see your posts. 

Having a website allows you to compile this information, display the days/dates, as well as the location of your events. It also allows your clientele to know you better and to know if, for example with guest spots, you are regularly in their city. 

It reinforces your professional image. 

Your website is a reflection of “your company” and shows your involvement in your work. Your credibility will be increased with your customers if they are able to look for information elsewhere than on social networks. 

Your creations are no longer scattered on the web. 

You can have a lot of pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Youtube… but your website is the heart of your communication. With less visual stimulation, it is the best place for any written information.

It is accessible 24 hours a day, for the whole world.

Clients can book their appointments while you’re out with friends & family or sleeping!

Unlike social networks, no one will limit access to your content. Your information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can include all the information you want. 

You can write a novel, nobody will tell you that you have exceeded 150 characters. 

Do not hesitate to put all the useful information for your clients, you will avoid having repeat questions.

You will be able to show your available designs in one place.

It’s great to post our designs on Instagram, but those still available go down in the news feed and have much less visibility. 

If you use Bookme.ink, in addition to your customizable website, you can put your flash in a gallery. Those that are reserved disappear automatically and the remaining ones stay available.